Curbing Corruption

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Better techniques for front-line corruption reformers

The guidance and research contained in CurbingCorruption  is founded on two insights. First, that preventing and reducing corruption is a different mindset from protesting against the injustices of corruption or of prosecuting corruption, requiring different strategies and the engagement of the professional organisations within each sector. And, second, that fixing, reducing or preventing corruption requires detailed disaggregation of corruption into the component issues.

I founded CurbingCorruption in 2017, collaborating with Professor Paul Heywood. This was after my time as an Independent Anti-Corruption Commissioner in Afghanistan, when I had been struck by the need of Ministers and officials for usable techniques that would enable them to make at least some progress against corruption in their Ministries, and the lack of such guidance.

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Papers & Reports

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Presentations, Speeches & Interviews

Winning the war against maritime corruption. Interview with Lee Kok Leong of Maritime Fairtrade, February 25, 2019.

New horizons in Anti-Corruption 2019. 8th Anti-Money Laundering Forum, London October 17-18, 2019.

Changing corporate behaviour requires new skills and a different focus 2019. IBA Anti-Corruption conference, Paris, June 2019. 190623 Pyman IBA conference speech 2019 ChangingCorporate Behaviour

Curbing corruption sector by sector. Slide presentation at the seminar ‘Thinking and Working Politically’, Dec 2019, Washington DC.  191206 Pyman Curbing corruption on a sector basis TWP seminar 2019

Corruption reform in the health and water sectors. Invited talk at the World Bank, Washington DC, Dec 2019. 191204 Curbing corruption in the Health and Water Sectors at World Bank 2019

Lessons from analysing National Anti-Corruption Strategies 2018. Speech at the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) Copenhagen, October 2018. 201012 IACC 2018 Copenhagen. Lessons from analysing National Anti-Corruption strategies

International Corruption Hunters Alliance. 2018 Conference Report, Copenhagen,  October 2018.

Anti-Corruption and Zero Tolerance 2008. Keynote speech to the European Busines Ethics Forum (EBEF), January 2008. 201012 Pyman EBEF speech 2008 Anti-corruption policies and zero tolerance

Contributions to commissioned reports

Evaluation of Norway’s Anti-Corruption Efforts as part of its Development Policy and Assistance: The Health Sector 2020. Accessed April 20, 2021. Thematic Case Study: Health 2020. Annex 5.1 of the Study by NGC for Norwegian MFA, July 2020

Evaluation of Norway’s Anti-Corruption Efforts as part of its Development Policy and Assistance: Climate and Forestry 2020. Accessed April 20, 2021.Thematic Sector Case Study Annex 5.3 Climate and Forestry, July 2020


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