This site is where I keep track of my publications – blogs, reports, research papers – and presentations.

There are five subjects where I have been deeply engaged in research, innovation and beneficial applications: Soil Science (1974-1979), Safety and hazard analysis (1979-1985), Corruption reform in Defence and Security (2004-2017), Corruption reform in Afghanistan (2009-2018), and new approaches to Corruption reform more generally (2017-date).

There is an entirely separate website – CurbingCorruption – run by myself and a host of volunteer colleagues, which is dedicated to new approaches to corruption reform. Do visit that site for practical help for reform-minded officials, politicians, agencies, companies ands others.

There are other subjects in which I’ve also been engaged, but there’s no publicly available material: how to change organisations, how to accelerate learning, how to foster innovative teams, procurement and programme¬†management. These developed whilst a senior executive in various roles at Shell International ¬†(1985-2003) and as the leader of independent performance reviews for the UK Government largest capital programmes (part-time 2003-2010).


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