This is where I keep links and pdfs of material of mine in the public domain – articles, papers, book chapters, reports, presentations and blogs – on the subjects that I have been most deeply engaged in:

  • Corruption reform

    • Better techniques for front-line reformers (2017-date) Click here
    • Defence & Security anti-corruption (2004-date) Click here
    • Afghanistan anti-corruption (2009-2018) Click here
    • Private Sector (1985-2003) No publications, but a personal perspective here
    • CurbingCorruption (2018-date) – is a separate website dedicated to corruption reform strategy and sector-by-sector reform experience. Much of this is authored by me. Click here
    • Plus, general musings on corruption. Click here
  • Safety and Hazard risk analysis (1979-1985) Click here

  • Soil Science (1974-1979) Click here 

  • Other – Click here

    • Corporate experience, Clean Air, Autobiography. 



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